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The Trouvadore wrecking was a major event in the tiny, sparsely populated British colony of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It presented the residents with two distinct problems: what to do with the nearly 200 Africans saved from the wreck, and what to do with the ship's Captain and crew. Fortunately for 21st century researchers, finding solutions to these problems generated a lot of correspondence at the time between the Islands' leaders and the seat of colonial government at Nassau in the Bahamas. 

History Lost & Found

Recovering Trouvadore's lost history has unfolded much like a detective story whose ending is yet to be written.
Archives In Cuba
Trouvadore's Final Voyage

Smuggling Africans to the slave market in Cuba, Trouvadore wrecked while attempting to avoid British patrol vessels.
Drawing Of Brigantine
Illegal Slave Trade

The African slave trade persisted well into the 19th century, long after it had been abolished by international treaties.

Photo OF African Children Rescued From Slave Ship - 1869

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